Zombies vs. Innovators

Zombie Gingerbread man… Hide your Santa cookies!

In honor of the 12/21/12 Mayan Apocalypse I give you Zombies vs… a Five week series on the walking dead among us. This series will bring to light the struggle happening in this world between the “Zombies” among us: those ghastly ghouls hungry only for the flesh of the living, and the everyday people they would love to snack on.

In 2007, Apple was set to introduce a new product called the iPhone. “Experts” said this innovation would be a flop and ruin Apple as a company forever. These Zombies were denied their meal as history and iPhone sales have shown.

In 2012, Peter Jackson released The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey using a new film technique that enhanced clarity, colors, and motion. “Experts” came out of the woodwork to condemn and criticize his innovation. Zombies strike again, but are defeated once more.

Innovators are tasty treats for Zombies. They seem to be detected miles away and attract at times herds of bloodthirsty walking corpses. But never fear. Innovators are a creative breed, and while swarmed at times by those monsters hungry for flesh, they live to innovate again and again.

What is is about Innovators that Zombies love so much? New Ideas are fresh and juicy. Something so untested and pure attracts bites at every angle. While many of us are attracted to improvements and new innovations, Zombies just see your dreams and ideas as something fresh to consume… at your expense. Once a zombie starts eating, they won’t stop until there is nothing left of you and your innovations but bones and tattered clothing. Zombies don’t possess such pesky things as forward thinking and foresight. They are interested in only devouring what they can and continuing their own existence.

Innovators are not content with existing and surviving. Their purpose is to create and recreate over and over to the benefit of the world around them. Zombies on the other hand are just consumers. They feast on others to satisfy their individual desires and continue their existence. The cost of feeding Zombies is extremely high. They attack everything in their path.

Are you an innovator or a Zombie? Are you full of tasty fresh ideas? Or are you quick to devour them with the rest of the slow, lumbering, walking dead? Are you interested in the future and what lies ahead? Or are you simply content to devour those around you to prolong your own existence as best as you can?


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