My Daughter is Having Surgery

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My Daughter is having surgery on her spinal cord on Tuesday, 7/24. She is diagnosed with what is called a Tethered Spine, and a Dermoid. Scary stuff! The surgery will include removing the Dermoid from her lower back and resulting in untethering her spine. The goal is to reduce the danger of infection by removing the dermoid, and to untether her spinal cord. As parents, we’ve faced the fact that there is little available to do in our own power leading up to tomorrow’s surgery. We’ve done the best we possibly can, found a great hospital and surgeon, and now we’re going to trust God with the rest.

One other thing I can plan and use my influence for is encouraging people to join us in prayer. Would you do that for her please? Feel free to share this blog post in any way you like on the web and social media. You can “like” “tweet” and “pin” away as much as you feel comfortable doing so. I appreciate the exposure and the prayers for her.

I know that God is good, and that He is there with us at all times. I have told so many other parents that simple truth as we prayed through their circumstances. I’m now sharing that same wisdom with myself, and praying together each day with my own wife and my children.

I’ll be honest: it is totally easier to tell someone else to trust God when I can walk out of the hospital room and back into my regular schedule. I can’t do that this time. Now I stay in the hospital with my pregnant wife and we pray for our daughter. It’s different this time. It’s my kid.

We have some great friends and family that have really reached out to us, encouraged us, and prayed with us. Even pastors from other churches have reached out to me. Pastors I don’t even work with anymore, calling me from their respective vacations and/or busy schedules to connect and to pray. Man it means a lot to know these guys care. God has surrounded us with people who love us and our family. I can thank God for that. It would be tough without this kind of support.

So pray with me for my daughter Clare. Pray with me for my wife Jennifer who is pregnant, and would probably be better off relaxing right now. Pray that this all works out, that Clare gets better, and nothing is worse. And thank God on my behalf for placing so much love and support around us. The love that so many friends, family members, and even strangers have sent our way is simply a gift from God. As in everything, we are grateful that we have Jesus as our real life example of how to do life, no matter what. And we are thankful that one day, thanks to Jesus, no more babies will have to go to the hospital anymore.


Update: Here is how this all unfolded

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  1. Dan and Jennifer…Please do not hesitate to call us for anything we are not that far. Only a phone call away. What hospital will she be in. 668-7642. Love you all, deborah

    • Thanks! We’re doing it at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. It is the #1 ranked Children’s in the US! Their head of neurosurgery is doing procedure!

  2. Praying hard for little Clare Bear and for God’s healing hands over her precious little body!!

  3. Praying for you all! May you feel God’s loving embrace holding you and loving you through this journey. Xoxo

  4. Saw this on facebook when another Circle C former staff commented on it. I wanted to let you know we are praying for your family. My 3 yo has been through 13 surgeries, most minor, but a couple major and can understand handing your child over to the nurses and doctors. It’s a scary, scary thing, but the good news is that God is everywhere. May He hold you all close to him and may you all have peace.

  5. I am praying all goes well tomorrow for Claire. I am praying for you, the doctors and nurses, and most certainly for Claire.

  6. Praying for Clare, the doctor, surgical staff, you and your family. I know that God has His loving arms wrapped around all. (I’m from LCC)

  7. I’m praying for Claire, y’all, your family, and all the staff working toward helping her get better. Know that we all send our love and support!

  8. Dan,
    I saw your blog about Claire’s surgery on Erik’s Facebook page. I will be praying for Claire, your wife Jennifer and for you! I cannot imagine what you are experiencing now. I know as a parent you always worry about your children and glad to hear that you are trusting in God.

    May God give you all peace while the doctors are taking care of Claire’s spine and during her recovery.

    In Him
    Billie-Jo Snyder

  9. I sent this to my sister in Georgia. She is a prayer warrior and a pediatric nurse practioner. She is keeping Clare and everyone in prayer. She probably sent this to her prayer warrior friends too. As we all know, prayer is very powerful.

  10. We pray for your family to have the strength and courage to get though this. We pray for your little girls to be a strong child who will overcome and get better. We pray for the surgeons to have the god given ability to perform this surgery. God please watch over this family, the doctors and staff and the little brave girl who will be having the surgery.

  11. I read about your daughter via a post from Pennie O. and Jan M. My mother’s heart aches with you guys! But as you know, OUR SUPER LOVING, ALL-POWERFUL DADDY has already gone ahead of your family. He IS faithful. Praying for peace, mercy, perfection in the surgeon’s hands, and successful surgery.

  12. I’m sorry to hear about this. Hopefully the surgery is successful and she recovers quickly. What a beautiful baby girl 🙂

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