So What?

Hospital Bed Swagger in full effect.

Sometimes life throws that home run ball you thought you hit so well… back into the field of play. Sometimes circumstances dictate a different tomorrow, or even a different today than the one you packed your bags for. Sometimes, people make decisions that change the rules of the game you’re playing. 2012 tried all of that on me.

Sometimes, bad things happen.

Sometimes, I have to dig down deep into who I really am and utter these words:

“So what?”

I come from a tough family, I have faith in a strong God, and I’m not really interested in giving up no matter what happens. Sure, there is a season for everything. But there is no season for whining, no mandate for self-pity, and no allowance for checking myself out of the game.

So take that, 2012. You had our kids and even me in the hospital, you stole my money, and did everything you could to give us a hard time. You even got real cocky and took Twinkies away from everyone on the planet. You tried your best 2012… but so what? History will show that you’re just a chump, and we kept on coming. All you did was get me angry. You’re just lucky you’re almost over.

You better tell your pal 2013 to be ready. I’ve got a shamrock shaped right hook waiting for him. How’s that for a pot of gold?

2 responses to “So What?”

  1. Keep the faith and the positive attitude Daniel!!! Praying for you, Jennifer and the kids. Hope to see you soon, smiling again:-)))

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