Jesus Overcame Death

The first flowers seen in a New York spring…

Jesus overcame death. Remember this.

Remember this… When the weekend ends, and you go to bed on a Sunday night dreading Monday morning. When you wait in the ice cream line forever… and it falls off your cone and on the hot pavement. When someone tells a lie to knock you down in the eyes of others. When you face a difficult obstacle and you don’t know what to do. When someone misjudges you, your abilities, and your strengths. When you walk into your home from vacation, with a suitcase full of laundry, and that empty dread-like feeling that the “regular” world is surrounding you again. When the people God placed in your life to help you don’t help you. When you can’t seem to earn money. When it looks like the people who tell lies, change facts, gossip repeatedly, and dodge accountability for these actions have won the day. When life is overpowered by despair, regret, or fatigue. When people fail you… Just remember, Jesus overcame death itself. There isn’t anything bigger than that left, and now everything else is possible. Jesus overcame death. Those are big odds. That’s a scary situation. That is an amazing miracle.

Jesus overcame death. Remember this.

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