Five Questions We Should All Answer In Light Of #Dallas

We will stick together because we are #Dallas.
We will stick together because we are #Dallas.

I’m not writing an opinion piece or a political article here. Nor is this is a religious message or an anti-religious one. These are simply five questions I’ve asked myself in the last 24 hours as I’ve sorted out how to respond to the violence taking place in our society. These are five questions that when answered will determine how I will approach the world around me, how I treat my neighbors, how I model humanity to my family, and how I desire others to live.

These are five questions I would like you to ask yourself as well.

  1. Who benefits the most from the divisions in our society? Ever thought about that?
  2. Will it be realistic to demand justice for some and remain silent when others suffer? (If you think that question is for someone else be assured it is definitely pointed at you).
  3. Is it more effective to point the finger at others or to be someone who brings people together? You tell me.
  4. Are you prepared to give grace to others who don’t yet understand or agree with your point of view? Well?
  5. Is it ever ok to rejoice in the suffering of others? Is it?

We will stick together because we are Dallas.

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