Live Your Legacy

The Legacy of Clonmacnoise
What sort of legacy have you already passed on?

My Aunt died late this summer. I flew up to Western New York with my entire family to attend and speak at the wake, funeral, and gravesite ceremony. We told personal stories, laughed a lot, and shared a few days together as an extended family. Her legacy? As I said from the stage, she would fight you in an alley for what she thought was right. She took crap from nobody. And she had that distinct laugh…

It was during a busy day of meetings that I heard the news that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away. From all over the world, the tributes and condolences poured in from world leaders, industry competitors, and fans alike. If you had been living under a rock for the last 30 years and had never heard of him until today, it would be clear to you that this man made a significant impact on the world and people around him. His legacy? You’re probably living it if you downloaded music to your phone…

A few days later I was watching College Gameday before the Texas vs OU game when the news that Al Davis passed away blew up all over Twitter, and then made it to ESPN. His legacy? It depends who you ask. But nobody will deny his tough guy identity is best summarized by his famous quote: “Just win, baby.”

Every choice we make determines who we are and will become. The world around you will know you by everything you do, not just what you are most proud of. Your legacy lies in the aftermath of your decisions. It is the ripple left in the pond by the pebbles of our decisions.

You have a legacy. It is rippling out from everything you’ve done, and what you’re doing now. What is your legacy going to look like based on the way you live life now? How is your life affecting those around you, those in authority over you, and those God has put there for you to impact?

What is your legacy?

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